May 17

Business with Pleasure

When it comes to getting work done, whether you get most of your projects done at the office desk or you prefer to complete assignments from home, it’s best to make the most of every minute spent. After all, no one likes getting stuck with overtime or having to trim down their spare time. Here at The Berkeley, our huge community gives you nearly anything you need to maximize your work so that you can maximize your fun later.

First of all, no longer do you have to rush to our office to turn in crucial rent payments; our online payment options – through e-check, credit card, and MoneyGram – let you transfer your expenses automatically at any time. Our fully equipped business center complete with computers and a printer lets you work remotely whenever you need to, while our lovely conference room makes the perfect meeting spot for co-workers or perhaps even big parties. Emergency maintenance is available twenty-four hours to fix any mishap in your apartment, ranging from a leaky faucet to a broken air conditioner. Anyone with extra furniture or who need to clear out their space can rent out additional storage units, while our attached and detached garages let you park your vehicle right next to your home while keeping it shaded and weather controlled; our controlled access gate also increases the number of free parking spots so you can come right home.  Finally, we’re right next to Lily B. Clayton Elementary School and minutes away from the Fort Worth Zoo and West 7th, making it easy for families to watch over and care for their kids.

So make the most of your time by reducing the time needed to work and increasing your spare time here at the Berkeley. Visit our luxury apartments and our expansive community amenities this weekend.

May 17

A Fabulous Fort Worth Apartment

Perhaps the most obvious difference between a good apartment and a great apartment is the style and comfort of it right as you step in the door: a good apartment would look livable, but bare bones until you move your furniture in, while a great apartment shines on its own before you even frame your first photo. The Berkeley features beauty in every single luxury apartment home, making it easy for you to make it your own.

For starters, the two-tone paint throughout the entire apartment adds an extra dimension of luxury that a single tone couldn’t offer. The nine-foot tall ceilings ensure that even your tallest bookshelves and posters can stand upright without issue. Marvel at the lovely wood-style flooring in the living and dining areas, strong enough to withstand everyday accidents and traffic, easy enough to clean, and classic enough to match nearly any décor. Cook up something fantastic in the expansive kitchens, featuring sleek and polished granite countertops and subway tile backsplash, track lighting, and modern appliances including a side-by-side refrigerator. Keep your home organized with the large walk-in closets in every bedroom, along with the washer and dryer connections for doing laundry at home, and extra storage beside the airy private balconies. Warm up the chilly winter season with an optional fireplace, or stay cool in the summers with center air conditioning and two-inch blinds. Finally, stay connected to your loved ones even when they’re out of town using our high-speed internet access and our handy AT&T U-Verse service.

Pick a great luxury apartment here at The Berkeley. Visit us near downtown Fort Worth Texas to tour our available luxury apartment homes this weekend.

May 17

A Home for You and Your Car

While owning a car may not necessarily be a requirement – particularly when you live in such a convenient city like Fort Worth where most grocery stores and other necessities are only a few blocks away – it’s definitely beneficial to do so: you get to leave and arrive home at your own time, and while traffic can be a mess at times you’re guaranteed a quick trip home and back. So why not get an apartment that fits your vehicle as well as yourself?

Here at the Berkeley, many of our luxury apartments offer attached garages and covered parking to keep your car clean and secure from inclement weather. Take for example our B1G two-bedroom apartment floor plan: its 1,018 square feet of space is impressive alone, but its indoor features and attached garage add icing to the cake. The coat closet right by the front door gives you and your guests an opportune spot to hang your thick coats, while the washer and dryer set helps clean your clothes right at home; both bedrooms have large, walk-in closets to organize everything once you’re done. Set up some snacks or practice your cooking skills in the spacious kitchen, featuring a raised island bar along with plenty of pantry and cabinet space for easy storage. Relax in the large living room, wide enough to fit your favorite couch and TV set, or breathe in some fresh air from the neighboring patio; there’s even a small storage space right on the balcony for putting away holiday decorations or moving clutter. The master and guest bedroom have ample space to fit even a king sized bed and connect to luxurious bathrooms, both of which include a hefty soaking tub while the master also has a stand-in glass shower. And of course, the attached garage right below gives a cool, closed in spot for your ride.

Feel free to ride around the world and then back home again here at the Berkeley. Stop by our leasing office in Fort Worth today to check out our available B1G lot, but act fast: there’s only one luxury apartment of this style left!

Apr 17

Acrylic and Clay Time Travel

Every day we’re surrounded by markers of our past, whether it’s a memorial or monument to a long past conflict, an old building that stood the test of time around many new glass skyscrapers, or the little memories we make on photographs. Before we had cameras, however, we had easels, paint, ceramic, and charcoal to express our thoughts and the world around us during the time we make a piece of artwork. An art gallery, in other words, is very much a time machine, one that can easily be accessed through living at The Berkeley luxury apartments in Fort Worth.

A mere ten-minute drive away from our complex, the Kimbell Art Museum presents a stunning collection of artwork from all around the world, all the way up to the early 20th century. Explore the earliest carvings of the old pharaohs of Egypt, to the religious paintings of ancient Rome and early Christianity, to various masterpieces of the European Renaissance, to beautiful artworks from Asia and Africa. Take a public tour to learn specifics about certain artwork, or walk along the museum on your own pace by reading the descriptions on every piece. Special exhibitions and newly acquired artwork will cycle through every season, so it’s nearly impossible to see the exact same things twice. Admission to the permanent collection is entirely free; ticket prices may be charged for certain special exhibitions, which will be half off every Tuesday and discounted through memberships, groups, and military. Open hours range from 10a-5p Tues through Thurs along with Sat, noon-8p on Fri, and noon-5p on Sun, with closures on Mondays, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Celebrate the beauty and imagination of the past right outside your doorstep. Stop by the Berkeley to browse our luxury apartments and complex, and then make a trip to the wonderful Kimbell Art Museum whenever you get the chance.

Apr 17

An Outdoor Extravaganza

As spring slowly turns into summer, the weather keeps at a steady pleasant temperature throughout the day; the sunny days stand out in their gorgeousness. There’s hardly any excuse to not spend the weekend outside with your loved ones – except for perhaps allergies – so it never hurts to live in a community that encourages outdoor fun, such as The Berkeley luxury apartment homes near downtown Fort Worth Texas.

For starters, what’s a summer party without a pool? The Berkeley offers two separate swimming pools to choose from, each of them large enough to accommodate advanced swimmers that want to get in a daily set of laps and the casual waders that want to lounge and raft against the gentle waters. Each pool includes a sundeck and comfortable lounge chairs to dry off and soak in the warm sun, complimentary access to stay connected to friends and family or to watch favorite vids, a spa to sit around and ease your senses, and shaded areas with modern BBQ grills for hosting great cookouts and gatherings. Our lovely three courtyards give you plenty of room to explore, jog, or play however you wish throughout the day, while the outdoor fireplace is the perfect place to gather and share stories as the sun goes down. Puppy lovers will enjoy our two spacious dog parks, great for running around with your furry best friends. Finally, our close proximity to the Fort Worth Zoo and the West 7th shopping district will guarantee something exciting to do on those perfect summer days.

So prep some sunscreen, don your swimsuits, and enjoy the best of outdoor entertainment here at the Berkeley. Visit us this weekend to tour our large community and see for yourself all our awesome amenities.

Berkeley Apr 21 image

Apr 17

Some Room for Your Thoughts

Let’s face it: it’s ok to love your stuff. We might not need them at the moment, but you can’t bear to let them go or they have more use during certain times of the year; after all, you can’t really use skis in the middle of summer, especially in the heart of Texas. Here at The Berkeley luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth Texas, our apartments come with more than enough space to store anything you need and even those needs that aren’t immediate.

For starters, all our apartments are at least 9ft tall, meaning that it’s easier to stack or organize your taller furniture and you can decorate your walls with bigger posters, pictures, and artwork. The spacious walk-in closets in every bedroom let you store all your clothes, and shoes, and accessories with ease, whether you’re a fashion connoisseur or have a small set of go-to outfits. The private patio and balcony make the perfect spot to set out outdoor equipment and hobbies, such as folding chairs or miniature gardens, and many apartments include extra storage much like a shed, so you can put away seasonal decorations or moving boxes in a neat manner until you want to use them again. Finally, a few of our apartment plans have direct access to a garage, great for keeping your ride secure against inclement weather and giving you a guaranteed spot right by your home.

Of course, there are plenty of other amenities take to make the most of your space, such as our lovely two-tone paint, our contemporary kitchens with side-by-side refrigerators, wheelchair access to allow anyone to visit, and AT&T U-verse service to connect to the internet in record time. There’s enough aesthetic and practicality to all our apartments to fit anyone’s needs.

Find yourself some room to breathe here at The Berkeley luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth Texas. Visit out leasing office to take a look at our apartments today to see if they’re the right fit for you.

Apr 17

Enjoy personal tranquility

One of the greatest hallmarks of living a luxury lifestyle is personal freedom. Freedom to go where you will and live as you like. Catering to personal freedom is a specialty at The Berkeley luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth Texas featuring luxury apartment amenities and floor plans to enable you to live as freely and comfortably as you desire.

One bastion of freedom is the A2 Taliesin floor plan. This one bed, one bath is approximately 744 square feet of space dedicated to your personal comfort. Upon entry, you’re greeted by the cozy kitchen and dining area, complete with extensive pantry and cabinet space along with a raised bar for snacks or small décor, and a cranny to set down a dining table and enjoy your meals. There’s also a coat closet right by the front door, great for conveniently storing winter or rain gear. The open living room offers more than enough space to place a comfortable couch along with your television set, so you can catch up on your favorite shows or power nap after a long day at work. The adjoining balcony makes for an optimal spring escape, letting you soak in the warm sun as you lounge or tend to a small garden, while the storage space lets you hide away seasonal décor, moving boxes, or other clutter that may otherwise get in the way. The bedroom can fit a king-sized bed, and includes a space for a desk, and connects to both a large walk-in closet for storing all your clothes and accessories and the bathroom featuring a large soaking tub. Last but not least, the washer and dryer connections right between the living and dining areas lets you clean your laundry right from home.

Relish in quiet, calm moments every day at The Berkeley luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth Texas and discover the A2 Taliesin today.          Relish in those quiet, calm moments to yourself here at The Berkeley. Take a look at our two available A2 Taliesin suites today before they’re gone for good.

Mar 17

Spring Time is Zoo Time

Spring is one of the best times to visit the zoo: the warm – but not too warm – weather makes walking under the sun a breeze, the animals are at their liveliest after the cool chill of winter, and while the crowds may be plentiful they’re all there to make the most of their visit. Everyone, kids and adults alike, can have a blast visiting the zoo for a weekend, and here at the Berkeley you get the chance to live right next to one.

Only a mile away from the Berkeley stands the famous Fort Worth Zoo, one of the biggest animal attractions in the entire state of Texas. Featuring 542 unique species of animals in 64 acres of space, ranging from mammals and birds to reptiles and fish from all over the globe, there’s a little something for any kind of nature enthusiast or biologists in the making. Every exhibit shows both the wonder and care that lives in every single animal, such as the various endangered and threatened species that thrive in the facility right down to the rare creatures that just aren’t seen anywhere else. The zoo is open all year long, and the spring hours are 10a-5p on the weekdays and 10a-6p on Saturday and Sunday; tickets are $14 for adults, $10 for kids 3-12 and seniors 65 and up, and free for the tiniest babies. Parking is an additional $5, but since the Berkeley is only a twenty minute walk away you can save that for the various treats and sweets inside.

So kick off spring with some great edutainment just right outside your front door. Check out the Berkeley apartments to take a tour of our complex and available lots and be sure to stop by the Fort Worth Zoo during your stay.

Mar 17

Convenience is Part of Our Community

When it comes to apartment complexes, the best ones have everything you need all within walking distance. It saves you time, gas, and of course walking is a good start to getting fit. Here at the Berkeley, we aren’t the type to brag, but many of our community amenities will appeal to any interests and we do our best to make sure your stay here is as stress free as possible.

For starters, our online payment option – through e-check, credit card, and MoneyGram – lets you turn in rent and other payments with a click of the mouse, rather than having to rush a check to our office in the middle of a lunch break. Our controlled access gate, reserved covered parking, and attached/detached garages guarantee a secure and close by parking spot to your home. Emergency maintenance is available on call for any mishap and accident, ranging from a leaky faucet to a power outage after a storm. Additional storage units can be rented to store your seasonal décor and hobbies, or perhaps your extra moving boxes or furniture.

Of course, there’s plenty of fun and recreation to have here, too. Take a dive in the hot summer in our two deluxe swimming pools and spa, and even stay connected to free Wi-Fi while you work on your tan. Relish in the warm weather through our three spacious courtyards which include social areas and BBQ grills for hosting parties. Let your furry best friend join in on the excitement with our two Dog Parks. Improve your health according to your schedule in our 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness facility, complete with modern cardio and strength training equipment. Crack down on some overtime hours in our business center with complimentary Wi-Fi, or gather some co-workers for a meeting in the conference room. Last but not least, our close proximity to the Fort Worth Zoo and West 7th districts means that family fun and shopping aren’t that far off.

Find some stress relief from your home, not more stress. Visit the Berkeley to tour our immense community and what our neighborhood has to offer today.

Mar 17

More Color, More Comfort

Perhaps one of the small downsides to owning an apartment is the difficulty of adding color to it; most flats have the same color – white, more often than not – on the walls that doesn’t stand out, and even if you decide to be bold and paint the walls however you like, you’re forced to cover it up again when you move out. Wouldn’t it be better to have an apartment that starts out lovely on the first day? Here at the Berkeley apartments in Fort Worth, we have just that.

To begin with, every one of our apartments has a little extra when it comes to style: two-tone paint gives some gentle contrast and stands out from the standard white wall look; 9 foot tall ceilings let you stack furniture and place all kinds of posters and décor on the walls; and the crown molding, arched doorways, two-inch blinds, wood-style flooring in the living and dining areas, and ceramic tile in the bathroom give more beauty to your home.

Our apartments also offer practical comforts. Stay connected with your friends and family with our high speed internet access and AT&T U-Verse service. Cook up something great in the kitchens with sturdy granite countertops, subway tile backsplash, and modern appliances such as a side-by-side refrigerator. Soak in the sun at the private balcony, keep cool under the ceiling fans, or keep warm by the fireplace. Keep organized with extra storage and spacious walk-in closets. Last but not least, make it easier to get home every day with direct garage access from select suites and wheelchair/handicap access.

Make your home beautiful, inside and out. Visit The Berkeley to take a look at our available flats to find the perfect suite for your needs today.

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